Congratulations! Five Excellent Graduation Thesis are awarded

      Recently, our school organized the selection of excellent doctoral and master's dissertations at the school level in 2019. Under the careful guidance of Kui Jiao, Qing Du,  Yan Yin and other teachers, five doctoral and master's dissertations of our laboratory were awarded the honorary title of excellent doctoral/master's dissertation of Tianjin University in 2019.

       The selection of excellent postgraduate dissertations is an important measure taken by our university to improve the level of postgraduate dissertations and the quality of postgraduate training. By selecting excellent postgraduate dissertations, we can create a spiritual atmosphere of advocating scientific rigorous style of study and climbing the peak of science, and encourage postgraduates to engage in scientific research. With the initiative and initiative of innovation, more innovative scientific research results will be produced. On the basis of individual application and college recommendation, the office of the academic degree evaluation committee organizes the sub-evaluation of relevant subject experts. At the same time, it examines and verifies the statistics of the scientific research achievements of the applicants reported by the college. Finally, it is approved by the leading group of academic degree thesis evaluation of outstanding graduates. The awards of these postgraduate honors fully demonstrate the achievements and efforts of our laboratory in scientific research and the improvement of the quality of postgraduate training.  

      It is believed that with the joint efforts of teachers and students, the graduate students of the electrochemical thermophysics laboratory will be able to climb the peak bravely in their future scientific research life and achieve good results again! 

Our laboratory was selected as the list of outstanding doctoral/master's dissertations in 2019

Author's     Name


             Thesis Title

Academic degree

         Sen Huo

    Kui Jiao

Theoretical and   experimental study on cold start and icing mechanism of metal foam fuel cell



    Renfang Wang

    Kui Jiao

Research on Key   Technologies of Hydrothermal Management for Vehicle Fuel Cells

   Engineering Ph.D. 

       Yang Wang

    Qing Du

Three-Dimensional   Multi-Field Coupling Simulation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Coal   Gasification Power Generation



    Xuefeng Wang

    Yan Yin

Study on the   Effect of Variable Section Runner on the Transmission Properties and Battery   Performance of PEMFC



      Yingmeng Du

    Yan Yin

Three-Dimensional   Multi-Field Coupled Simulation of Common Electrolysis Performance of Solid   Oxide Electrolytic Cells




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