Report on Trends in Fuel Cell and FAW Fuel Cell Vehicle Engineering Practice

    At 9:00 am on November 15, 2018, at the A123 lecture hall on the 34th floor of Tianjin University Beiyangyuan Campus, Dr. Zhao Ziliang, director of the Battery Research Institute of FAW Group New Energy Development Institute, was invited to give a speech entitled "Fuel Cell Vehicle Development Trends and FAW Fuels". Academic report on battery engineering practice. Dr. Zhao Ziliang graduated from Jilin University in 2001 with a degree in vehicle engineering, a doctor of engineering degree and a researcher-level senior engineer. At the meeting, Du Qing, Yin Yan, Bai Fuqiang, Zhang Fan, Qin Yanzhou, Zhang Junfeng, engineers of FAW Group, and Dong Jiangfeng, fuel cell expert of China North Engine Research Institute, Zhong Lei. The report will be hosted by Professor Du Qing.

    The report focuses on the development trend of fuel cell industry and the analysis of the current achievement. Combining with the fuel cell development of the FAW, dicussing the core technical difficulties of fuel cell vehicles.


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