Our International Student Designed Fuel Cell Channels and Published High-level SCI Papers as the First Author

       Nigerian student Ikechukwu Samuel Anyanwu is pursuing a Ph.D. in energy and power engineering at the School of Mechanical Engineering at Tianjin University. With the support of the Chinese government scholarship, he entered the research group of Professor Jiao Kui from September 2016 to carry out research work. At present, his research direction is water management research of low-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells, and is devoted to the analysis of two-phase flow in fuel cell flow channels. He optimized the existing runner design and further proposed a new waveform runner design.


       To date, he has published an SCI paper (International Journal of Hydrogen Energy) as the first author, while another paper is in the review stage. In addition, he is applying for a patent for invention with the novel design of the fuel cell runner.

       “Our research group has a very strong research atmosphere and very close teamwork. At every stage of my research process, I am very fortunate to have the support and support of the team members,” Samler said.
       Samler said with excitement: "In fact, there is an incredibly close collaboration between international students, professors and members of the research team at the School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University. The English level of professors and most Chinese students is very commendable. These have made me more excited and the research work has been carried out more smoothly. This is why I said that the School of Mechanical Engineering is the best harbor for conducting research and making results." At the same time, he is also very grateful to the Chinese government for funding and the good learning atmosphere provided by Tianjin University.
      Through his studies in China, Samler has mastered many aspects of fuel cell design and programming. He believes that these professional skills will benefit both now and in future career planning. Learning is an endless process, and he hopes to benefit more from the years of study in China.
      Since 2016, the School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University has started to offer full-English courses in mechanical engineering for master's and doctoral degrees. About 100 international students have lived and studied at the School of Mechanical Engineering. With the joint efforts of faculty, local students and international students, international graduate students have begun to contribute scientific research to the School of Mechanical Engineering.

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