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1.          S. Huo, and K. Jiao, Mathematical modeling of alkaline anion exchange membrane

             fuel cells, In Anion exchange membrane fuel cells, Editors: L. An and T.S. Zhao, 

             Springer, 2018.
2.           Z. Yang, Z. Liu, L. Fan, Q. Du and K. Jiao, Modeling of proton exchange membrane

             fuel cell system considering various auxiliary subsystems, In The energy mix for

             sustaining our future, Editors: A. Vasel and D.S.K. Ting, Springer, 2018.
3.          X. Li, G, Karimi and K. Jiao, Fuel cells: Intermediate and high temperature, 

             In Encyclopedia of environmental management, Editor: S.E. Jorgensen,

             CRC Press, 2012.
4.          X. Li and K. Jiao, Fuel cells: Low temperature, In Encyclopedia of environmental

             management, Editor: S.E. Jorgensen, CRC Press, 2012.
5.          K. Jiao and X. Li, Design-related durability issues, In Handbook of PEM fuel cell 

             durability - Volume I: PEM fuel cell failure mode analysis, Editors: H. Wang, 

             H. Li and X.Z. Yuan, CRC Press, 2011.

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